Document Drupal 8 with WalkHub

Code sprint

Join our experienced Walkthrough creator team and document Drupal 8 with WalkHub
If you haven't heard about WalkHub before you'll have the chance to learn from the best and be able to contribute in less than 20 minutes.
If you are already a WalkHubber you could jump into creating Walkthroughs for Drupal 8 right away.


Our goal is to document all core functionality with Walkthroughs. 
Join us in our noble quest!

Introducing the digital commerce ecosystem

For Commerce Guys 2013 has been the year of digital ecommerce.

Druplicoin: a crypto-currency for our community


The Drupal project has one of the strongest communities of the open source world, what if we could also give it it's own economy?

In this talk we will explain how Bitcoin works, and how we could use a crypto-currency modeled after Bitcoin to build a worldwide Drupal economy that helps to place incentives on activities that help to maintain and grow the Drupal project.

We will explain how in a Drupal economy:

Google Drive documents sprint (the code sprint for project managers)

Code sprint

Many Drupal companies in the Drupal community are using Google Drive documents to manage their day to day processes.

Most companies have templates for things like:

Documenting your project with WalkHub

Tired of people that just don't get how they need to configure your modules? - Fully automated zero-cost regression testing

SiteEffect is an attempt to build a full blown regression testing framework. It enables you to easily detect and understand layout, style and content changes caused by code/contrib/config updates.

Ship It!

Adopt a product strategy mindset and get real with your idea. Discover principles that make your product better and ways to succeed.

Javascript Pulp fiction


If you like or have an interest in:

  • Stories about core process*
  • Stories about lack of core process*
  • Stories about patches*
  • Patches about javascript
  • Drupal 8

This session is for you. While not overly technical, slides may contain traces amount of javascript quirks.

* Chronological order of stories and patches not guarenteed .

Run your site on Fun! - Gamify with Drupal

A basic overview about gamification: definition and design framework with some basic Drupal examples.