Drupal 8: Undercover initiatives


The Drupal 8 core initiatives have introduced a new methodology for code development, helping to focus both contributions and contributors very effectively in the specific objectives for the release. All these initiatives, "Views in core", "Multilingual", "Configuration management", "Web services", "Blocks  & layouts" and "Mobile" have reached successfully very important milestones, all of those key for an innovative and powerful new Drupal version.

Openlayers vs. Leaflet


Do you choose Openlayers or Leaflet to generate maps on your websites because that's what you always choose?
Is one better than the other?
We will take a few use cases and show how they could be build with both Openlayers and Leaflet, and discuss what the differences are, what options or restrictions you get and what criteria could be to choose either.


The Evolution of Online Help – from user guides to task oriented help

An overview of the evolution of online help systems and an insight into the principles behind the WalkHub project.

KEYNOTE: Drupal 8 ftw!

Listen: I am excited about Drupal 8 and I'd like to share that excitement with you.

Lingotek + Drupal - The Power to Translate is Now Inside Drupal

Now it's easy to quickly translate your content directly from Drupal using the new Lingotek - Inside for Drupal module.

KEYNOTE: Community Building with Mentoring: What makes people crazy happy to work on an open source project?


One of the more daunting things we encounter in open source development is getting enough people to regularly contribute. To be sustainable, we need to encourage new contributors to participate.

To that end, we seek to engage new contributors and experienced developers alike to participate in mentoring. Mentoring provides participants with direction and encouragement to help them find their way.

Drupal.org improvements

Code sprint

Drupal.org is the home of the Drupal project and Drupal community. Chances are you spend lots of hours on this website every day. Is there something annoying? Not working as expected? Not convenient and slowing your day-to-day work? Just as with the Drupal itself, you can fix it! Now with Drupal.org being on Drupal 7 it is easier than ever.

Anyone can take part. We will show you where the code is and explain the process of development for Drupal.org. There are tasks for any skill level, including non-coding ones.

D8 documentation sprint - multilingual

Code sprint

The help texts for the Drupal Core modules need to be updated as described in this Meta issue. [meta] Update or create hook_help() texts for D8 core modules  and during this DrupalDevDays we want to focus on the different Multilingual issues.

We need people to check the existing help texts to see what functionality and wording has changed and where necessary  rewrite them, as well as writing new texts for new modules and functionalities. We also need people to manually test the texts.

Community Tools Workshop

This half-day workshop will get you up and running with the basic tools that the Drupal community uses to tackle problems together.