Drupal 8 Beta Dæmons - Unblocking beta1

Code sprint

A beta release of Drupal 8 is currently blocked by a large number of issues (~50) tagged with beta blocker: Beta blocking issue set.

Many of these issues will be addressed by specific sprint teams at Szeged. And some will not have specific champions to usher them through to resolution.

Migrate testing

Code sprint

By the time Szeged comes, the migrate path from Drupal 6 to Drupal 8 should be complete and even the Drupal 7 to Drupal 8 path should either be complete or very close. As I outlined in http://drupal4hu.com/node/390 manual testing is indispensable. People interested in testing should have the following ready:

WF Tools FTW @ Pfizer

For years people have complained about Drupal's lack of dev-stage-prod
workflow. Most of the solutions either solve the the content part of the
problem or handle deploying code. Now people have no reason to complain.

Upgrade YOUR module to Drupal 8


Drupal 8 is in API freeze and headed for its first beta. Now is the time to start upgrading contributed modules so that they're ready the day 8.0 is released. We'll begin with a quick overview of how to start the module upgrade process, and provide some brief information about new Drupal 8 APIs, including:

Application monitoring for your website


This session provides a detailed look at the Monitoring project: https://drupal.org/project/monitoring

About the Monitoring project

Themer vs Coder Ultimate Grudge SmackDown Fight To The Death

Watch coder ohthehugemanatee face off in the ring against themer scaragucc' in this ultimate Drupalist showdown!

Techniques to overwrite code in Drupal


This session is supposed to present various ways to overwrite the default behaviour of the drupal core and some of the well-known contributed modules (like views or panels). The focus will be on Drupal 7, but each case will also have the Drupal 8 correspondent. This will go beyond the things that can be overwrite with alter hooks, and will try to present cases when some specific behavior of a class or small pieces of code have to be overwritten. The attendees should be familiar with Drupal and should have developed at least a few modules before.

Manage and Deploy your Sites with Drush


Drush is not only awesome for managing your local Drupal site, with site aliases you can manage Drupal sites on remote servers without logging in via SSH!

With Drush Deploy you even can deploy sites on multiple servers fully automated with one tool we all aready know: Drush, no other additional library like Capistrano needed!

In this Session we will present how to setup Drush to work with remote sites, what is possible and what we use in our daily business.

Get ready for full translated Sites with Entity Translation

Do you build multilingual websites with D7 and Content Translation today? Wanna build them tomorrow with Drupal 8? This session is for you.