Code-Driven Content Modelling with Drupal 8

In this hands-on workshop we will dive into Drupal 8's new and improved entity API by creating a new entity type from scratch. In Drupal 8 this is "batteries included": Configure fields, widgets, formatters, view modes, ... without ever leaving your text editor!

Get what you can from Entity Reference

We all use and love the Entity Reference module. Still, do you know what ER selection and behavior plugins are? I'll show you.

Drupal 8 plugin system


Drupal 8 will ship with lots of goodies and new api's. One of my favorites is the plugin api.
While porting Display Suite to Drupal 8 I used it a lot and it looked a bit scary when I started with it.

Drupal 8 CMI

Code sprint

The Drupal 8 configuration management system replaces the variable system we all know and love. And it does much more than just that. Views, blocks, date formats, and the system module list are all stored in configuration.

Modernizing Drupal's Testbot


On October 18th, 2007, Chad Phillips (hummonk) made an initial commit to the ‘Project Issue File Test’ module, with the description “initial commit of an integrated file testing platform for project issue module”. This kicked off the pursuit of automated testing integration between and qa.d.o (then referred to as In 2009, Jimmy Berry (boombatower) performed a significant overhaul and redesign of the system with the release of PIFT/PIFR 2.0, introducing a number of structural and architectural changes and improvements.

Configuring Drupal 8 - a developer's guide to the configuration system

Drupal 8 has a new configuration management system. This session will cover how to use from an coding perspective and will be heavy on code samples!

Effective use of common PHP IDEs with Drupal


Technically speaking, you can use any text editor for PHP and Drupal development. In practice, PHP development environments significantly increase speed and quality of development, and even help avoiding common programming mistakes.

In this session I'm going to explain how most popular PHP development environments (PHPStorm, ZendStudio/PDT, Astana) can be set up to use Drupal coding standards, work with Xdebug and Drupal for Firebug debuggers, and git.


The backend of frontend


The days when frontend and backend were completely different disciplines are long gone. Surely we all try to build sites with a clean separation of data, html output and styling. But that does not mean that theming is just writing templates and css. Front end developers can use a number of tools to write, maintain and re-use their code: the backend of frontend, so to speak. Even Sass is turing complete!

In this session I will discuss a selection of these tools:

The future of media management in D8


There are currently a wide selection of media management solutions for Drupal 7: media, scald, asset, mediabox and more, each with its own strengths and weaknesses. At DrupalCon Prague, the first steps were done towards a unified media solution for Drupal 8, and this session is the occasion to present our progress so far and invite more people to get involved.



Care for your backoffice!


We are using Drupal which is gently taking care of pre-building administrative forms for us.