Cracking Drupal


Security is paramount, for almost any web application. We will take a look at security best practices to keep your site safe and take the perspective of an attacker to understand how they exploit things. I will show you common mistakes that Drupal Developers make when they write code and how they can be avoided. As a member of the security team and code review administrator on I have seen a lot of code and what can go wrong with it. Sharing my experience about:

Drupal 8 theming basics


Since Drupal 8 switched to Twig (from PHPtemplate) and a new config system Drupal themers should learn some new things. However these are good changes and I want to give you a short impression to understand why. 

It is not a long course about creating a full new theme from the grond up. I'll talk about creating a sub-theme and modify the defaults provided by the parent instead.

Questions answered:

Graph databases for Drupal 8


Graph databases gained a remarkable attention in the last couple of years. Their strenght is proven in many cases where relationship between data points is as important as the data itself. Suprirsing the palette of possibilities that this technology provides. The presentation intend to explain the concept of graph databases, their place in technology and business - as well as an example scenario working with Drupal, our very favorite CMS.

There will be code, mathematics, algorithms, magic and hopefully your interest :)

The image system in the New World Order

The new Drupal 8 image API. How to add image effects, operations or even... new toolkits.

Building really fast websites with Drupal 8

Drupal 8 is going to have better front-end performance for anonymous users out of the box, applies render caching to entities and has pluggable CSS/JS optimization.

Using Drupal as a content repository and authentication tool for online multiplayer games


This presentation is about a weekend project in prototype phase. During the presentation I will tell you why worth considering Drupal to be an important part of an online multiplayer game infrastructure.

Drupal 8 for real


Drupal 8 is bringing some major improvements compared to Drupal 7, but all changes also bring their own challenges. 

In this presentation, I would like to discuss the gap between now and the first non-trivial Drupal 8 sites in production, not only regarding what modules are available, but also looking at what human processes need to be updated (training, collaboration, deployment and more). Hopefully, we can get closer to an answer to the very common question "so, when can we use Drupal 8 in production?"


Drupal 8 Entity Field API completion

Code sprint

With the release of Drupal 8 nearing, the Entity & Field APIs are nearing completion as well. But that does'nt mean there aren't lots things to do left - see the meta issue for a status update. So if you wanted to get into the new APIs, this is your opportunity! We need people to help implementing updating patches, reviewing code changes, writing tests, etc. Please do sign up for the sprint so know how many people to expect when!

Drupal 8 Entity API

Developers will get to know the new API, learn about the ideas behind the API design and see how the API can be used to manage your data.

Drupal as an iOS application back-end


Let me guide you into the world of iOS application development where the heavy lifting of content management is handled by Drupal. During the session I will show you how to connect your appliction to Drupal correctly with source code snippets and show them in action through live example projects.