Drupal.org improvements

Code sprint

Drupal.org is the home of the Drupal project and Drupal community. Chances are you spend lots of hours on this website every day. Is there something annoying? Not working as expected? Not convenient and slowing your day-to-day work? Just as with the Drupal itself, you can fix it! Now with Drupal.org being on Drupal 7 it is easier than ever.

Anyone can take part. We will show you where the code is and explain the process of development for Drupal.org. There are tasks for any skill level, including non-coding ones.

Drupal 8 Field API - fields reborn


It is now a well known fact that the forthcoming Drupal 8 release brings massive API changes. Field API was not left behind - it was in fact almost completely rewritten. This session will present the major improvements to the way you will work and code with entities and fields in D8, that will make you wish you never have to work on a D7 site again.

D8 documentation sprint - multilingual

Code sprint

The help texts for the Drupal Core modules need to be updated as described in this Meta issue. [meta] Update or create hook_help() texts for D8 core modules  and during this DrupalDevDays we want to focus on the different Multilingual issues.

We need people to check the existing help texts to see what functionality and wording has changed and where necessary  rewrite them, as well as writing new texts for new modules and functionalities. We also need people to manually test the texts.

Drupal 8 multilingual wonderland

Drupal 8 aims to make the almost all of Drupal's underlying system multilingual while offering a toolset for modules and themes to rely on and support multilingual much easier than before.

The Search API in Drupal 8


Since the release of Drupal 7, the Search API module (along with its numerous extensions) has been providing a new, flexible way of creating searches in Drupal. It was considered as a model for core search in Drupal 8 at some point and is now used on Drupal.org for issue queue searches. However, as it was designed almost from scratch for Drupal 7, numerous shortcomings were identified in its architecture since its creation.

Search API for Drupal 8

Code sprint

While a Drupal 8 branch for the Search API module has been created in the summer of 2013, development ground to a halt soon afterwards due to a lack of time (and, partly, stability in Drupal 8). The Dev Days in Szeged will be the perfect occasion to start a concerted new effort to get the upgrade process going.

Drupal 8 Front-end united!

Code sprint

The Twig initiative is rewriting all of the mark up in core become leaner and meaner.

The Mobile initiative is rewriting all of the CSS is core.

The UX team are implementing components from the new Seven style guide.

...and we're going to work on making Drupal.org responsive!

Drupal 8 Multilingual Initiative sprint

Code sprint

The Drupal 8 Multilingual team is a group of several friendly and productive people who will definitely have a strong presence at this event. We have tasks for all kinds of experiences and needs and people to help you help us. Multilingual is a great area to get to know Drupal 8 because we have tasks from the frontend all the way through the configuration to the routing system. We need people to manually test solutions, review code changes, write tests, etc.