Themer vs Coder Ultimate Grudge SmackDown Fight To The Death

Watch coder ohthehugemanatee face off in the ring against themer scaragucc' in this ultimate Drupalist showdown!

The backend of frontend


The days when frontend and backend were completely different disciplines are long gone. Surely we all try to build sites with a clean separation of data, html output and styling. But that does not mean that theming is just writing templates and css. Front end developers can use a number of tools to write, maintain and re-use their code: the backend of frontend, so to speak. Even Sass is turing complete!

In this session I will discuss a selection of these tools:

Drupal 8 theming basics


Since Drupal 8 switched to Twig (from PHPtemplate) and a new config system Drupal themers should learn some new things. However these are good changes and I want to give you a short impression to understand why. 

It is not a long course about creating a full new theme from the grond up. I'll talk about creating a sub-theme and modify the defaults provided by the parent instead.

Questions answered: