Develop for Drupal 8 on Drupal 6 and 7


As we all know, D8 is a major rethinking of Drupal APIs, and little to no code can be expected to remain basically unchanged when updating to D8.

Which is a problem for all "serious" Drupal (i.e. "several months long") projects these days: it is not yet time to launch them on D8 alpha, and developing them from scratch on the soon-to-be-replaced D7 API seems like a major waste of time.

What if there was a better way ?

Drupal 8 theming basics


Since Drupal 8 switched to Twig (from PHPtemplate) and a new config system Drupal themers should learn some new things. However these are good changes and I want to give you a short impression to understand why. 

It is not a long course about creating a full new theme from the grond up. I'll talk about creating a sub-theme and modify the defaults provided by the parent instead.

Questions answered: