Application monitoring for your website


This session provides a detailed look at the Monitoring project:

About the Monitoring project

Druplicoin: a crypto-currency for our community


The Drupal project has one of the strongest communities of the open source world, what if we could also give it it's own economy?

In this talk we will explain how Bitcoin works, and how we could use a crypto-currency modeled after Bitcoin to build a worldwide Drupal economy that helps to place incentives on activities that help to maintain and grow the Drupal project.

We will explain how in a Drupal economy:

Manage and Deploy your Sites with Drush


Drush is not only awesome for managing your local Drupal site, with site aliases you can manage Drupal sites on remote servers without logging in via SSH!

With Drush Deploy you even can deploy sites on multiple servers fully automated with one tool we all aready know: Drush, no other additional library like Capistrano needed!

In this Session we will present how to setup Drush to work with remote sites, what is possible and what we use in our daily business. - Fully automated zero-cost regression testing

SiteEffect is an attempt to build a full blown regression testing framework. It enables you to easily detect and understand layout, style and content changes caused by code/contrib/config updates.

Vagrant + Puppet = TRUE


In this short session I will give som examples of what you can do with Vagrant and Puppet to get you started using Virtualboxes for development instead of working native. The development enivormen should be as close as the production enviroment as possible, and working with virtulaboxes, controlled by Vagrant is a simple way to solve a difficult problem.

The session will cover how to create a Vagrantfile, adding Puppet manifests and using the vagrantbox for development.

Ship It!

Adopt a product strategy mindset and get real with your idea. Discover principles that make your product better and ways to succeed.

Get what you can from Entity Reference

We all use and love the Entity Reference module. Still, do you know what ER selection and behavior plugins are? I'll show you.

Develop for Drupal 8 on Drupal 6 and 7


As we all know, D8 is a major rethinking of Drupal APIs, and little to no code can be expected to remain basically unchanged when updating to D8.

Which is a problem for all "serious" Drupal (i.e. "several months long") projects these days: it is not yet time to launch them on D8 alpha, and developing them from scratch on the soon-to-be-replaced D7 API seems like a major waste of time.

What if there was a better way ?

Modernizing Drupal's Testbot


On October 18th, 2007, Chad Phillips (hummonk) made an initial commit to the ‘Project Issue File Test’ module, with the description “initial commit of an integrated file testing platform for project issue module”. This kicked off the pursuit of automated testing integration between and qa.d.o (then referred to as In 2009, Jimmy Berry (boombatower) performed a significant overhaul and redesign of the system with the release of PIFT/PIFR 2.0, introducing a number of structural and architectural changes and improvements.