WF Tools FTW @ Pfizer

For years people have complained about Drupal's lack of dev-stage-prod
workflow. Most of the solutions either solve the the content part of the
problem or handle deploying code. Now people have no reason to complain.

Themer vs Coder Ultimate Grudge SmackDown Fight To The Death

Watch coder ohthehugemanatee face off in the ring against themer scaragucc' in this ultimate Drupalist showdown!

Introducing the digital commerce ecosystem

For Commerce Guys 2013 has been the year of digital ecommerce.

Get ready for full translated Sites with Entity Translation

Do you build multilingual websites with D7 and Content Translation today? Wanna build them tomorrow with Drupal 8? This session is for you.

Speed up your backend caches with Heisencache


While front-end  is often where most of the problems in website perceived performance lies, back-end performance is a major issue in Drupal 7, and currently even more so in Drupal 8.

Most backend optimizations focus on improving SQL queries, switching to document-based storage, and globally reducing PHP inefficiencies.

However, experience gathered around large media sites during last year brought evidence of a usually ignored dimension to performance: cache tuning.

Drupal 8 plugin system


Drupal 8 will ship with lots of goodies and new api's. One of my favorites is the plugin api.
While porting Display Suite to Drupal 8 I used it a lot and it looked a bit scary when I started with it.

Javascript Pulp fiction


If you like or have an interest in:

  • Stories about core process*
  • Stories about lack of core process*
  • Stories about patches*
  • Patches about javascript
  • Drupal 8

This session is for you. While not overly technical, slides may contain traces amount of javascript quirks.

* Chronological order of stories and patches not guarenteed .

Configuring Drupal 8 - a developer's guide to the configuration system

Drupal 8 has a new configuration management system. This session will cover how to use from an coding perspective and will be heavy on code samples!

The future of media management in D8


There are currently a wide selection of media management solutions for Drupal 7: media, scald, asset, mediabox and more, each with its own strengths and weaknesses. At DrupalCon Prague, the first steps were done towards a unified media solution for Drupal 8, and this session is the occasion to present our progress so far and invite more people to get involved.