The days when frontend and backend were completely different disciplines are long gone. Surely we all try to build sites with a clean separation of data, html output and styling. But that does not mean that theming is just writing templates and css. Front end developers can use a number of tools to write, maintain and re-use their code: the backend of frontend, so to speak. Even Sass is turing complete!

In this session I will discuss a selection of these tools:

  • authoring tools like Sass and Compass;
  • Drupal modules like Fences and Magic;
  • development helpers like LiveReload and Grunt;
  • responsive goodness like the Picture and Breakpoints modules.

I will also take a peek into the future and see what Drupal 8 will bring.

You don't have to be a full-time professional themer for this session, but basic knowledge about Drupal theming is assumed.