We are using Drupal which is gently taking care of pre-building administrative forms for us.

"OK so let's add some content type and field now. Perfect! We now have a huuuuuuge collections of fields. Where is this image field again?"
"Let's create some content now! Yes i have this huuuuuuuuge list of items now, how do i search in it?"
"OK, now my content is there, i have to publish it. On which site is it live? Shout, i have to check everywhere. Can you do it by tomorrow?"
"Oh the partner changed its name now i have to update its name, let's edit 100 nodes! Could i do it fast?"

Our sites are used by real people (i swear), we should take care of them by offering the most efficient user interface possible.
In order to do that, we will see how to improve Drupal default behaviors and try to optimize the screens used for hours by the users.
We have some tools outthere that just need to be know in order to please everyone.

We will have a tour of the existing modules during this session and talk about how we build some of them and why you should do the same.


You can find the slides of this presentation attached to this node or you can browse them on slideshare : http://fr.slideshare.net/Artusamak/care-for-your-backoffice-drupal-dev-days-szeged-2014 .