Tired of people that just don't get how they need to configure your modules?
In this session you will learn how you can really quickly record Walkthrough tutorials using Selenium IDE, an open source plugin for Firefox. How you can then edit them, share them and incorporate them into a website or link to them from your issue queue or project documentation.
With the WalkHub project (a free open source Drupal module and distribution we are working on) you can add a documentation layer on top of websites. You can play tutorials that guide people through configuration processes, step by step. It's like a GPS for the configuration of a website. And the best part is: you can use community tutorials and easily share and collaborate on common scenarios. Out of the box, Walkthroughs play on any website that doesn't block our proxy and that has the JS selectors that are used in the walkthrough. 
We made an embeddable widget that makes it really easy to share Walkthroughs on your blog or on social networks. The pictures in the widget can be automatically generated from your website, and you can get a warning when the Walkthrough fails, so it always stays up to date.
This is an example Walkthrough and it's widget we recorded on the White House's website: http://walkhub.net/node/3223
WalkHub is the name of the name of our distribution, you might also know it as the Walkthrough.it project.