The Drupal 8 core initiatives have introduced a new methodology for code development, helping to focus both contributions and contributors very effectively in the specific objectives for the release. All these initiatives, "Views in core", "Multilingual", "Configuration management", "Web services", "Blocks  & layouts" and "Mobile" have reached successfully very important milestones, all of those key for an innovative and powerful new Drupal version.

However, there are a number of efforts happening behind the scenes and providing amazingly big changes and not getting as much attention as the official initiatives, I call these "Undercover initiatives" and this talk aims for getting a better understanding on all the changes that are happening (or already happened) in the way that we store and manage fields and entities, how the actions system has changed, migrations and many many others.

Join me to take a look to the most relevant changes from these often overlooked efforts that will change the way we face new projects in Drupal 8.



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