How Drupal & Scrum rocks together !

Introduction :

You've probably heard about those curse words "Scrum", "Agile", "Backlog" or "Velocity".

Actually, they are not curse words, they are just the terminology of an other approach to build projets.

The agile methods are based on the concept of iterations. Instead of working for several months on a project with a delivery to the client at the end of it for testing, you break the project in small chunks of weeks in order to get its feedback earlier and more often.

We are convinced that this method is way more efficient for you but also for your client because it's driven by the added value and the feedback your client is going to delivery all along the road.

What you will see :

This session is going to present you how agile methods are working and how to use it for your next Drupal project.

We will also have a look to the tools that you can use to improve your workflow even if you are still doing waterfall projects.


Please join us and we will of course answer your questions!