The Drupal project has one of the strongest communities of the open source world, what if we could also give it it's own economy?

In this talk we will explain how Bitcoin works, and how we could use a crypto-currency modeled after Bitcoin to build a worldwide Drupal economy that helps to place incentives on activities that help to maintain and grow the Drupal project.

We will explain how in a Drupal economy:

  • Transaction costs for services could be reduced to near zero, which would make it easier to outsource work.
  • The value of the currency could be bound to the value of the project.
  • You could hold or buy the community's currency to invest in the community.
  • The mining mechanism could be coupled to services performed for the Drupal project.
  • People could place bounties on projects, without immediate associations to traditional money.
  • Developers could receive a bonus from the community on top of their wage, and so be encouraged to make further contributions in their private time.