The internet is at the forefront of technical communication. Intense cognitive load, frequent updates, community involvement, and collaboration called for new approaches in documenting online interfaces. We found that DITA principles can build a strong foundation for a new tool that follows the way people actually perform tasks online. To this end we developed WalkHub, an open source, step-by-step, interactive tutorial and documentation tool with DITA concepts in mind.

Session outline:

  • UX or documentation?
  • Communication trends that are exacerbated on the Internet
  • Cognitive load on the Internet
  • Agile development and frequent documentation updates
  • Communities and collaboration
  • The rise of stepped contextual help
  • Our approach based on DITA principles
    • Topic-orientation
    • Minimalism
    • Walkthrough sets
    • Single-sourcing
    • Reuse


This session is recommended if you are planning to join the WalkHub Workshop.