Do you build multilingual websites with D7 and Content Translation today? Wanna build them tomorrow with Drupal 8? This session is for you.

Even Entity Translation already exists in Drupal 7 for quite a while, it's not widely used yet, mostly for Commerce Product translations as it is pretty handy there. If it comes into nodes, Content Translation ist still the prefered system for most sites.

In Drupal 8 there will be only one Translation System: Entity Translation. *oooh noo!*
BUT! There is one really good thing about Entity Translation: It can be already fully used with Drupal 7, so the change from D7 to D8 will be much easier.

Amazee Labs has already started to built Drupal 7 sites only with Entity Translation. It maybe sounds easy to translate a website only with Entity Translation, but there are quite some concepts which completely change. Like Menus, Entity References, Access Rights, Views, Fallbacks, and more.  

In this session I want to talk about the biggest learnings we had, what is easy and what is hard to build with Entity Translation, give advice what works well and what not. To make the transition from Content Translation to Entity Translation as easy as possible for everybody.