For Commerce Guys 2013 has been the year of digital ecommerce.
Come and learn about the modules we've been releasing to the community in the past few months and how we're using them to tackle a wide range of use cases, selling files, ZenDesk tickets, partner accounts and even complex SaaS offerings like Commerce Platform.
Learn why this is the most important thing to happen to Drupal Commerce since Kickstart v2, and how we've pushed the limits of what Drupal can do.
We'll also cover helper modules, tax implications and our future plans.
Sneak peek
COMMERCE LICENSE provides a powerful API for selling access to local or remote resources.
COMMERCE FILE provides the license type for selling access to files. The licensed file can be downloaded or streamed, and the number of downloads / plays can be limited.
There is also full Amazon S3 integration.
COMMERCE LICENSE BILLING provides advanced (prepaid, postpaid, prorated, plan-based, metered) recurring billing for licenses. Together with COMMERCE DUNNING and COMMERCE CARDONFILE it provides amazing features and flexibility, outpacing proprietary solutions such as Recurly.


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