We all know this, you deploy a new feature, do core or contrib updates or change something in the config. If you are lucky, the project was big enough so you have some automated test (behat + mink). You will most likely end up doing the usual manual random clicking through pages here and there checking for odd things anyway. If it looks ok you deploy it with a bad feeling in your stomach as you know how wrong this can go. Blocks disappear, layouts break, images are missing, the CSS is off... all that without you noticing. As a result you learned to never touch existing CSS and you hate updates. I have been fighting with this for years in and around Drupal and I was finally fed up with it.

SiteEffect is an attempt to build a full blown regression testing framework. It enables you to easily detect and understand layout, style and content changes caused by your latest implemented features or any code/contrib/config updates. All that without any project specific effort or costs, it will just work out of the box.

SiteEffect doesn't have any direct relation to Drupal, but it is fully build with Drupal in mind as this is my major 'personal' use case. All the testing during development happens on Drupal sites and the first round of core/contrib updates have been checked with SiteEffect for a production site last week with great results (missing blocks and changed images styles detected). In my session I'll present the tool itself and give some technical background, hoping for some feedback on features and uses cases.

For more information take a look at SiteEffect.io.



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