Watch coder ohthehugemanatee face off in the ring against themer scaragucc' in this ultimate Drupalist showdown!


Starting from the same mockup, these two hardcore Drupalists will compete to build it better in white-knuckle, split-screen action! Scaragucc' is only allowed to use the theme layer, ohthehugemanatee is only allowed to use the module layer. Who will build the best site in this epic competition?

Gasp as scaragucc' manages complex data elements entirely in the theme layer. Feel your heart race as ohthehugemanatee themes from Views. You've never seen Drupal like this before!


Most shops have theme specialists and development specialists, and a large part of Drupal exists in the grey area between them. You'll learn:


  • Where each approach excels, and where it falls down. 
  • The gaping holes that are difficult for both themers and coders to navigate. 
  • Best practices for site building that grudge matches like these don't happen
  • Organizational and workflow elements that help your team work together, for the best results.


ohthehugemanatee and scargucc' are trained professionals.  Please don't try this at home.