We would like to introduce Drupal developers to an issue tracker built on Drupal 7.
The people attending this session will:
  • hear about IssueQ
  • learn about some of its key features
  • have a glimpse at the technologies it uses
  • get involved somehow
We have been using an issue tracker developed by ourselves for a long-long time at KYbest. It is not that we do not know about the variety of issue trackers out there. When it is about our own workflow and development processes, we want a tool which is totally tweakable. Again, we do not think that we have such a special way of working. We are developers, and we like to have a look under the hood and tweak it a bit if possible.
IssueQ is the successor of our Drupal 6 based issue tracker, completely rebuilt and rethought on Drupal 7. We would like to show other developers that there is a viable Drupal based issue tracker in the cloud.
Some of its functions:
  • time tracking of comments
  • kanban board
  • multilanguage (waiting for translators)
Some of its technology background:
  • modular architecture, just like Drupal 7
  • Features-based
We do not want to sell it for profit. It is our everyday tool.
If the community would like to use it, they are free to do it.
If the community would like to make it better, they are free to do it.
It's accessible as a distribution at Drupal.org. We built the basement and walls for the house, which we would like to share. If someone wants to help with the roof and paints, that would be great – and everyone using IssueQ could profit from it!