For years people have complained about Drupal's lack of dev-stage-prod
workflow. Most of the solutions either solve the the content part of the
problem or handle deploying code. Now people have no reason to complain. WF
Tools is a framework for coordinated deployment of Drupal code, content and
configuration from a central management server.
WF Tools was first developed by Dave Hall for IAG and is now being deployed
by Pfizer to manage their hundreds of Drupal sites.
The WF Tools framework fits the business rather than the business having to
adapt to the tool. WF integrates many existing Drupal modules, including
rules, uuid, deploy, services, while supporting third party apps and services
such as Jenkins and Amazon AWS.
Pharmaceuticals, like other highly regulated industries, requires web content
changes to be reviewed by multiple stakeholders in context of the site. These
approvals need to be tracked and recorded. WF Tools provides the ability to
preview changes in context across different environments, as well as the
audit trail of approvals.
WF Tools allows multiple teams, or even vendors, to work simultaneously on
the same site. The changes from each team can be deployed independently of
each other. This allows for a very flexible development workflow.
Tim and Dave will explain what WF Tools is, what it can do and how Pfizer is
using it. They will demonstrate an example implementation. During this
session they will also cover some of the things to consider when moving to WF
WF Tools allows Pfizer to go from idea to live in an afternoon, with multiple
levels of reviews and sign off.
Dave is the Web Platform Strategist at Pfizer. When he isn't working to build
high quality web applications, he is working to improve infrastructure and
business processes. Dave lives less than 2 hours drive from Melbourne,
Australia in the bush near Newstead with his partner and 2 boys.
All over the world, Pfizer colleagues are working together to positively
impact health for everyone, everywhere. Each position at Pfizer touches and
contributes to the success of our business and our world. That's why, as one
of the global leaders in the biopharmaceutical industry, Pfizer is committed
to seeking out inspired new talent who share our core values and mission of
making the world a healthier place.


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