Javascript Pulp fiction


If you like or have an interest in:

  • Stories about core process*
  • Stories about lack of core process*
  • Stories about patches*
  • Patches about javascript
  • Drupal 8

This session is for you. While not overly technical, slides may contain traces amount of javascript quirks.

* Chronological order of stories and patches not guarenteed .

The backend of frontend


The days when frontend and backend were completely different disciplines are long gone. Surely we all try to build sites with a clean separation of data, html output and styling. But that does not mean that theming is just writing templates and css. Front end developers can use a number of tools to write, maintain and re-use their code: the backend of frontend, so to speak. Even Sass is turing complete!

In this session I will discuss a selection of these tools:

Drupal 8 theming basics


Since Drupal 8 switched to Twig (from PHPtemplate) and a new config system Drupal themers should learn some new things. However these are good changes and I want to give you a short impression to understand why. 

It is not a long course about creating a full new theme from the grond up. I'll talk about creating a sub-theme and modify the defaults provided by the parent instead.

Questions answered: