Druplicoin: a crypto-currency for our community


The Drupal project has one of the strongest communities of the open source world, what if we could also give it it's own economy?

In this talk we will explain how Bitcoin works, and how we could use a crypto-currency modeled after Bitcoin to build a worldwide Drupal economy that helps to place incentives on activities that help to maintain and grow the Drupal project.

We will explain how in a Drupal economy:

Ship It!

Adopt a product strategy mindset and get real with your idea. Discover principles that make your product better and ways to succeed.

Run your site on Fun! - Gamify with Drupal

A basic overview about gamification: definition and design framework with some basic Drupal examples.

KEYNOTE: Drupal 8 ftw!

Listen: I am excited about Drupal 8 and I'd like to share that excitement with you.

KEYNOTE: Community Building with Mentoring: What makes people crazy happy to work on an open source project?


One of the more daunting things we encounter in open source development is getting enough people to regularly contribute. To be sustainable, we need to encourage new contributors to participate.

To that end, we seek to engage new contributors and experienced developers alike to participate in mentoring. Mentoring provides participants with direction and encouragement to help them find their way.

Community Tools Workshop

This half-day workshop will get you up and running with the basic tools that the Drupal community uses to tackle problems together.