The Caching Deep Dive

An active participatory workshop where we take a Drupal 7 site from slow to fast. Start with the basics of APC and Memcache, then work your way into configuring cache bins, Varnish, and caching for authenticated users. Learn how to load test and benchmark a site properly, and design a caching architecture that works for YOU. Bring your laptop!

Speed up your backend caches with Heisencache


While front-end  is often where most of the problems in website perceived performance lies, back-end performance is a major issue in Drupal 7, and currently even more so in Drupal 8.

Most backend optimizations focus on improving SQL queries, switching to document-based storage, and globally reducing PHP inefficiencies.

However, experience gathered around large media sites during last year brought evidence of a usually ignored dimension to performance: cache tuning.

Building really fast websites with Drupal 8

Drupal 8 is going to have better front-end performance for anonymous users out of the box, applies render caching to entities and has pluggable CSS/JS optimization.