Job title:Trainer
Country:United States
About me: 
Amber Matz (née Himes) is an educator with Drupalize.Me. With over a decade of experience as a Web developer, Amber has tackled the hardest problems the web offers, including data migrations and editorial workflows. In the past four years, Amber has focused her talents as a Drupal developer, and readily shares her experience with others. She was the creator and host of the weekly series, Dev Munch--an online education Web show designed to help developers upgrade their skills. Through her training as a massage therapist, volunteer community mediator, and project manager, Amber learned the importance of being a responsive communicator especially during times of stress. Her commitment to asking the right questions, and modifying her approach based on feedback, has made her effective at team process improvements, and learner-centered instruction. Amber has developed a reputation as an agile team member, ready to tackle any problem which is presented to her. These days, when she's not in front of the computer at her home in Beaverton, Oregon, she's crocheting gifts for her nieces and nephew, tending her flowers and veggies at a local community garden, exploring the Pacific Northwest with her camera, and practicing rock-and-roll power chords on the accordion.

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