Charge the Infinite Improbability Drive!

As you might have heard, Drupal is of crucial importance to the future of the galaxy (in 2042, the resistance's intranet runs on Drupal). That's why the Inter-Galactic Council has sent DrupalMarvin back from the future to help us finish Drupal 8. At Drupalcon Prague, DrupalMarvin gave us the Infinite Improbability Drive and we've plugged it into the Dev Days' website.

We need your help to charge the Infinite Improbability Drive, it's hooked up to Earth's social networks. The louder the buzz, the closer we'll get to infinite improbability. The more the drive is charged up, the crazier things will get.

Want to find out what? Share, tweet and invite your friends!

Counter watch

7357 tweets
1407 tweets with pictures
221 FB likes
365 pics on Flickr
346 attendees
8038 site visits
592 session votes
We've set up a dev days Facebook page to make it easier to share information quickly with the community. Like us on Facebook to join the discussion and to stay updated about the latest news, side events and announcements.

If you like our Facebook page now, you also help feeding the Infinite Improbability Drive!

We want to reach as many Drupalers around the world as possible; spread the word about the event's website. Everyone needs to hear about the Dev Days, nobody should miss it because they didn't hear about it!
Energy is buzzing inside the Drive from all your registrations so far! We think it will do something very unexpected if we reach 100 attendees. Only registered attendees can submit session proposals, participate in job speed dating, and see all the unusual events at the conference. Register to see for yourself, otherwise you wouldn't believe it!

Drive Charged up to 2nd level

The Infinite Improbability Drive has been charged to a level where it started behaving unexpectedly: the first crazy event is Gábor Hojtsy singing a cappella. Don't miss it!

One of our team members got teleported to an unknown location as a result of the previous experiment. Help us get him back and control this machine by voting for the proposed sessions! Of course, we don’t really believe in controlling the Drive anymore, but if we could just channel its energy into something...We think we need at least 200 votes for that.
The Drive gained a lot of energy from submitted session proposals, session votes and registrations. Thank you! We can already hear the voice of our teleported team member, but we can't see him yet... We’d like to see where this goes, so tweet about the voting for sessions with the #drupaldevdays hashtag and help us in this experiment by reaching 1200 tweets.
A strange whirring noise is coming from the drive since we’ve reached 1200 tweets. Based on our calculations the noise will transform into a familiar melody at 200 registered attendees and the Drive will change the course of events forever. Register to be part of it!

Drive charged up to 3rd level

The noise coming from the Infinite Improbability Drive transferred into a familiar melody: listen to Kristof van Tomme playing it for us on a hurdy gurdy during the conference!

We can clearly hear the voice of our teleported team member saying the Drive needs more energy to send him back. At least we know what to do now: Help us charge the Drive with the site visits! We think reaching 5300 unique site visitors could get him back...
Thank you for charging the Drive with your site visits, our teleported team member found his way back! He’s a bit disoriented and is mumbling something about an important message, he should deliver, but he can’t seem to remember it. We think if we could charge the drive with registrations so that less than 30 tickets are left, we could heal his amnesia and tell you the message.
We healed our teleported team member’s amnesia with the charge from your registrations! He brought us a message from the Galaxy. He says if the Drive is charged up to its final level, a channel will open and love from the Galaxy will freely flow to Szeged. Let’s make it happen! Charge the Drive with your tweets using the #drupaldevdays hashtag and experience it yourself!

Drive charged up to event level

His Heart of Gold brought Marvin here, and he’s ready to share all the love from the Galaxy: Come to the event and get a free hug from Marvin himself!

After all his help, Marvin needs to go home. Let’s thank him by charging up the Drive with 420 photos! Szeged is all about Drupal 8 this week, no matter where you look, the number 8 is there! Take photos of the most peculiar 8's you encounter! Tweet your best shots about all the fun you had at Dev Days or all the 8's you saw in Szeged using the #drupaldevdays hashtag!

Mission fully completed

Thank you for your photos! The Drive is fully charged to take Marvin home, but not until he can give us a sweet surprise in The Galaxy room during the Closing Keynote. Don’t miss it!