Our scholarship program provides financial support for Drupal developers, who would otherwise be unable to attend or participate in Drupal Developer Days Szeged 2014.


We granted scholarships to applicants who are passionate about Drupal and would be unable to attend Drupal Developer Days without financial assistance. We gave preference to people who are actively involved in Drupal 8 Core Initiatives or are from Europe or nearby countries and to those who we think will most benefit from the conference and contribute to the community.

Our scholarship application deadline was 10 January, 2014. We are no longer accepting submissions.

List of participants

Drupal Dev Days Szeged spends an unprecedented 20% of our budget on scholarships to help Drupal 8 move forward as much as possible and for Drupal best practices to spread effectively. We granted scholarship funds to the following applicants:

  • Alex Pott
  • Andrei Mateescu
  • Cathy Theys
  • Francesco Placella
  • Jeremy Thorson
  • Kristof De Jaeger
  • Nathaniel Catchpole
  • Tobias Stöckler
  • Yves Chedemois

We are looking forward to having these great people on board at Drupal Dev Days Szeged! Also we are still looking for sponsors to be able to finance the event.

Part of our scholarship funding was generously donated by the Drupal Association Community Cultivation Grant program. You can get funding too if your goals match with the program.