Most major European and North American airlines (also the low-cost airlines, e.g. WizzAir) fly to Budapest; their list can be found here. The Budapest Liszt Ferenc International Airport (BUD) (Ferihegy Airport until 2011) is located at a 160 km distance from Szeged. Budapest Airport has two terminals: 2A and 2B, and free wifi is available in all the common areas of both terminals. Terminal 2A serves all the airlines to/from the Schengen countries, while 2B welcomes travellers of all non-Schengen destinations, such as flights from/to the U.S. For more information and actual departures/arrivals please visit the Budapest Airport website.
Don’t forget that reserving your flight ticket well in advance can save you quite some money! Most of the European low-cost airlines operate flights from/to Budapest (e.g. WizzAir), to have an idea about the flight times and fares, you can go and check KAYAK or SKYSCANNER.

International train

International trains arrive to one of the 3 major train stations in Budapest: the Western (‘Nyugati’), the Eastern (called ‘Keleti’) and the Southern (called ‘Déli’) Railway Stations. If your train arrives either to the Eastern or Southern Train Stations in Budapest, you have to get to Western (‘Nyugati’) Railway Terminal first to take the train to Szeged. From both the Eastern (‘Keleti’, route: and Southern (‘Déli’, route: Railway Terminals you have take Metro #2 (red line), but of course different directions, to Deák Square and change for Metro #3 (blue line) to get to the Western (‘Nyugati’) Railway Terminal. Both rides may take about 20-30 min depending on the traffic.


If you plan your trip to Budapest by coach, you can check the Eurolines timetables here. All coaches from abroad arrive to “Népliget” coach station in Budapest, from where you can take a direct coach to Szeged. From Népliget, you can also take the Metro #3 (blue line) to get directly to the Western (‘Nyugati’) Railway Terminal from where trains leave for Szeged.


Transportation in Budapest

Beside the above local travel suggestions (metro), you can use a trip planner for public transport or you can also take a taxi, which are now uniform yellow cabs in Budapest.



Should you arrive earlier to Budapest, we hope you will have a great time! The capital of Hungary is well worth visiting, here you can check out the main tourist sights of the city! Our volunteers are welcome anyone for a short sightseeing tour in Budapest, here are the important details to plan:

  • Date:                                23 March 2014 (Sunday)
  • Starts:                             14:00 (CET)
  • Meeting point:              Cheppers office  (Budapest, 49 Dessewffy str.) (You can leave your luggage in the office during the sightseeing.)
  • Ends:                               17:30 (CET)
  • Meeting point:             in front of the Cheppers office (Budapest, 49 Dessewffy str.)


  • having fun with Drupalists
  • eating Túró Rudi
  • visiting some main tourist attractions of Budapest

If you are interested in the sightseeing tour, please note it in this spreadsheet. Please note, that you need to ask permission to access the document.


After the sightseeing the direct shuttle to Szeged leaves at 18:00 in front of the Cheepers office. Please note only those can travel with the shuttle who signed up for it, as the shuttle company provides microbus(es)/car(s) based on preliminary bookings.


Shuttle fee: Please note that a one way trip from BUD Airport to Szeged costs 25 EUR, while a round trip from BUD Airport-Szeged costs 40 EUR for the airport shuttle (in case you pay for the return ticket at your arrival). If you take a shuttle from Budapest city center, it costs and extra 10 EUR/vehicle.




If you happen to miss the start of the sightseeing and you would like to leave your luggage somewhere or you need some rest after your long travel, you are welcome at the Cheppers Office on 23 March, 2014, from 11 am.


Cheppers office: Budapest, 49 Dessewffy str.



Dev Days Shuttles (signup closed on March 7th)

We help organizing direct Dev Days shuttles between Budapest and Szeged, for those who sign up and are ready to pay for the service. This is a bit more expensive than the train (about €5 more than a train ticket), but more comfortable and without stops throughout the journey, so it should take only around 1.5 hours on the highway. This is also the best way to travel with and get to know your fellow Drupalists in the same vehicle!

We negotiated for a special shuttle service and prices for Dev Days attendees.

Some useful information about these shuttles:

  • One way trip costs 25 EUR, while a round trip costs 40 EUR for the airport shuttle (in case you pay for the return ticket at your arrival). Shuttle tickets have to be paid directly to the driver in cash in EUR. (It's also possible to take a shuttle from Budapest city center, but it costs an extra 10 EUR/vehicle. Please mark it in the gdoc if you want to take this option. Obviously, it's worth sharing a vehicle in this case!)
  • You'll be collected at your arrival (within the terminal building), you'll only have to look for the Drupal Dev Days Szeged logo.
  • Shuttles might get some people wait a bit in Budapest, or take a bus a bit earlier in Szeged. The latter is designed so that nobody would miss their flights from Budapest. Waiting time will tried to be kept within 1 hour.
  • Shuttles from Budapest will mostly leave from Budapest Airport Terminal 2. These minibuses/cars will take you to the exact hotel you have a booking at in Szeged. (Shuttles leaving or going to Budapest city center will have their location defined separately.)
  • Shuttles from Szeged will mostly leave from the venue or Hotel Novotel. If you would like to have another location for the pick-up, please mark it in the gdoc!
  • The journey time is approximately 1.5 hours, but this might be slightly less or more depending on highway traffic. The shuttle company will also count on the check-in time, so you only need to provide your flight details. (However, please specify in the gdoc if your Budapest-Szeged or Szeged-Budapest travel needs differ from your actual flight times!)

Based on the provided travel details (as of 5 February, 2014), a preliminary timetable was prepared where the intensity of the color shows the higher number of attendees taking the shuttle together.

You cannot sign up anymore but please make sure that your preferred times are properly set and confirm your order by making your travel details bold. Please don’t forget to add your contact details to be able to coordinate the travel arrangements with you.

As announced earlier, the signup was closed on 7 March, 2014 to finalize the timetable with the shuttle company and guarantee a place for you in the organized Dev Days shuttles. You'll get the confirmation shuttle vouchers to the e-mail provided in the gdoc sheet.

Please note: It'll be your responsibility to take the shuttle(s) you signed up for, otherwise the bus might be full and you might not be able to get on, or if you don't show up, you might cause quite some inconveniences for your scheduled co-travelers. So please make sure you specify your details properly and you take the right shuttle!


Other travel/transfer options

While we recommend all Dev Days attendees to take the organized Budapest-Szeged shuttles, there are of course other ways to get to Szeged or back to Budapest.

By transfer bus/car: Outside the selected dates, you can also organize a transfer minibus or car for yourself (available from €25 for one person, but decreasing price in case of reserving for more than 1 person, max. 2 hours waiting time, extra fee for airport entrance and reception), but there’s also a possibility for VIP transfer. 
By train: From the Western (Nyugati) Railway Station there are a number of trains every hour. The journey to Szeged takes approximately two and a half hours. You can check the timetable on the Hungarian State Railways website: (We recommend the InterCity lines for a comforting journey. For this you must purchase a railway ticket and a seat reservation ticket specific to your train, which costs about 4000 Ft (about €14 or $19). Since you cannot purchase all needed tickets (train ticket+seat reservation) on the Hungarian railway company’s website, you had better not buy your Hungarian train tickets online!
If you arrive by plane: You do not need to go to the Western Railway Station, since trains depart also from Budapest Airport Terminal 1. You can get from Terminal 2 to Terminal 1 by taking bus No. 200. An airport shuttle service called “Airport Minibus” is also at the disposal of travellers and its minibuses can take you from one terminal to another or to any destination within Budapest. For further information on Budapest Airport and the transportation services offered, visit their website.
By coach: Coaches depart from Budapest Népliget; travel time is approx. 3 hours. Please visit to check the timetable.
By car: Take Motorway M5 leading to Szeged directly. Motorway vignette is obligatory. Please visit for further information.
By carpooling: Take advantage of this modern way of travel sharing to meet nice drivers/passengers coming to Szeged like you and save money with them for the trip! Check OSZKÁR for possible options!



Arrival by train: The railway station is approx. 2 km from the city centre. Take bus 20 to get directly to the venue as well as to Hotel Novotel (stop ‘Glattfelder Gyula tér’).
Arrival by coach: The coach station is in the western part of the city (Mars tér), the venue as well as Hotel Novotel can be directly reached from there by trolley bus 9 (stop ‘Ifjúsági Ház’).
Taking a taxi: There are a few taxi services in the city. The drivers may not speak English, but should be able to get you where you want to go. Trips usually cost somewhere between 1-2000 HUF within the city.

  • Rádió Taxi: (62) 480-480
  • Szeged Taxi: (62) 333-333
  • Tele-4 Taxi: (62) 444-444
  • Gábriel Taxi: (62) 555-555
  • Hatos Taxi: (62) 666-666



Mostly everything is in walking distance in Szeged, but the city also has a well-organized public transport, which requires a ticket to be validated on the vehicle. There are trams, buses and trolley buses available, and all use the same ticket system. Tickets can be purchased in kiosks, in shops, at the railway station and even on the vehicles themselves (the latter is a bit more expensive). You can buy a ticket at kiosks for 310 HUF (about 1 EUR), or 10 tickets at once for 2950 HUF (a bit less than 10 EUR). These tickets can be used for one journey. A weekly ticket costs 3700 HUF (about 12.5 EUR) and is valid for a week on all vehicles.
Buses, trams and trolley buses run from 5.00-23.00. At night, they run much less frequently. For the public transport schedule in Szeged, there’s a free app which can be useful (showing Lines/’Járatok’, Stops/’Megállók’ and Nearest stops/’Közeli megállók’). While on public transport always beware of pickpockets!